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Managed the energy performance of an electric-arc furnace steelmaking and rolling operation over 25 years.  Became active in lobbying for change in the Ontario electricity regime.

Electric arc furnace

Forged alliances and brokered coalitions with other major players in the electricity sector and led the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario to create a market vision for the future, resulting in the government’s adopting a plan to open the electricity sector to competition.

On the provincial stage, I was appointed to the Ontario government’s Electricity Market Design Committee as one of two industrial representatives; member of the Market Commissioning Task Force;  member of the Minister of Energy’s Electricity Transition Committee; and elected by all stakeholders to represent them as co-Chair on the Market Advisory Council of the Independent Electricity Market Operator.

Once the market opened, I devised a procurement strategy for electricity and signed two power purchase agreements worth in excess of $10 million per year, reducing electricity costs by 15% in the first year of the new market and ensuring competitive dominance in the quality wire rod market.



Comments from a colleague in the sector:

“I’ve known David professionally for a number of years and admired his intellect and ability to manage projects and processes to achieve superior outcomes for his employer and clients.  David is well known in the electricity sector as an expert in industrial energy management as well as a forceful advocate for industry.”