Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.


International Trade

Washington, D.C.


During my career in industry, I managed our company’s response to unfair trade allegations from the U.S. in five trade cases and testified on several occasions at the International Trade Commission (ITC).

We won the first three trade cases brought against the Canadian steel industry and adapted selling strategies to manage the fall-out when the US won the fourth.

In the process, I became one of the most knowledgeable Canadian industry executives on US trade laws.



Our trade counsel in Washington provided the following commentary:

“I have known David for many years in connection with his company’s matters in Washington.  David has masterfully bridged his technical/managerial experience to the adversarial setting of administrative litigation.  This requires recasting business experiences, data and analysis to make persuasive presentations to government officials and to respond to challenges from competitors.  Both government officials and opposing counsel have praised David over the years for his mastery of complex legal matters and his ability to make persuasive, analytical presentations.  He has also brought enduring leadership to all of his efforts and worked well with people at all levels of responsibility and seniority.  I would always want him on my team.”