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As the CEO of a vertically integrated steelmaker, I oversaw the management of a distribution network of twelve warehouses, located across Canada and the United States, handling almost 12,000 items manufactured at a single location in Quebec.  Issues included inventory management on both a regional and total basis; production management to feed the system’s product needs; and transportation management to get the right product to the appropriate warehouse on time and at the least cost.

As a consultant, I have helped develop a strategic plan for a steel distribution business with ten locations.


I am also active in the hospital sector.  In this area, I have helped to plan the move of large segments of a major hospital from existing facilities to a new facility.  Issues include managing the move of existing equipment in conjunction with the arrival of new equipment; managing patient and clinical moves, always with an overriding concern for patient well-being and minimal disruption of hospital operations; and coordinating the plans with construction progress.  I have been involved in planning, procurement and implementation.