Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.



Electric arc furnace tapping




Led a steel rolling mill to a productivity increase of 22% over three years.








Webequie First Nation



Established plant processes based on environmental stewardship rather than simple compliance as well as implemented a community communication programme, thereby successfully implementing a 3Rs recycling programme and avoiding having any control orders or penalties imposed at a time when government regulatory strategies were moving from voluntary cooperation to litigation.




Strategic Planning

Conceived complete redesign of operating facilities, then supervised design, purchase, installation and start-up of  new equipment (project valued in excess of $100 million).  This resulted in increased mill capacity of 35% and achieved the best quality product in the market, thus allowing the company to operate 24/7 at a time when the competition was running at 75% capacity because of lack of orders.

Rod mill layout


Comments from Colleagues

“David is a bright, determined and seasoned executive who has the ability to rapidly understand complex issues both from a business and human perspective. Having led a large and complex manufacturing company through challenging times, David has been exposed to a variety of challenges and learning opportunities that has allowed him to develop a broad understanding and competencies around organizational dynamics and strategy.”

“David is a professional, goal oriented Executive with a strong background in manufacturing, sales and marketing, and understands what it takes to manage the Financial aspects of any manufacturing business. He can deliver results in earnings, cost reduction and top line growth.”